Who Cares About Third Party Risk Management?

3rd party risk management

Who Cares About Third Party Risk Management?

Your board of directors, the group risk officer, and those responsible for information privacy governance. And anyone within a multinational organisation involved in manufacturing, retail, education and financial services.

In your organisation, can you honestly answer yes to the following?

  1. Are all your third-party risks being considered in the organisation’s overall approach to enterprise risk management?
  2. Do you maintain an accurate register of all third parties?
  3. Do you segment them into risk assurance levels based on category of service and access to sensitive data?
  4. Are third party risk management roles clearly defined, communicated and tracked in the register?
  5. Are appropriate resources and tools allocated to address third-party risks?
  6. Is there a clear third-party risk maturity process in place, leveraging a proven framework?
  7. Are you automating all of this?


If you care about effective third party risk management, you need a practical and scalable solution that automates the entire process. Triplicity, our flagship cloud software, has been designed to do exactly that, offering you a single tool for everything from third party profiling to risk assessments, right through to managing remedial controls. In short, our complete solution provides the process and automation to mature your third party programme from zero to hero — and keep it that way.




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Triplicity simplifies, automates and leverages business intelligence. Giving you a powerful vendor risk management solution that not only does the job properly, but saves you time and money in the process.