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Introducing Triplicity — the cloud software that enhances your business by managing your third-party risk.

As a business, you don’t have direct control over your third parties. As such, you’re exposed to the reputational risks of these third parties for any governance or regulatory violations. Information security controls are at the forefront of cyber defence: should your third parties lack the correct controls, this will expose you to higher risk. All the more reason you should use our software solution, which will manage all your third-party risks automatically.


Assess the ongoing behaviour, performance and risk of all your third parties

The Management Team



Lee is an accomplished and respected senior sales and business executive for whom the customer always comes first. His specialties include product evangelism for new products in greenfield territories, creative leadership, business development, and enabling trusted partner communities. Linkedin


Patrick is an IT management consultant with 20 years’ experience, specialising in IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance. He has worked for some of the largest professional service firms and has accumulated experience across most industry sectors in Africa, the USA and the UK. Patrick resigned as a partner at a multinational professional service firm to found Mobius Consulting, a company focused on helping clients improve their information security, privacy and risk management.

Who we are

Phinity Risk Solutions develops cloud applications for the information risk and governance market in the European Union, Australia, North America and South Africa. Triplicity is our flagship cloud software, designed to address third party risk management. It automates the assessment process to provide real and assured risk analysis of your third parties. No previous knowledge is needed to seamlessly profile and assess your third parties every year.  Mobius Group Privacy Notice

Why choose us?

Triplicity simplifies and automates manual processes that identify, measure and report on all the governance, compliance and information risks affecting your business. We provide a professional, enterprise-grade risk solution backed by the required services through our partners to implement a successful third party programme. Triplicity is a truly affordable and reliable cloud-based solution that helps businesses and third parties develop profound relationships that foster great partnerships and collaboration.

Our Partners

Triplicity uses regional partners to harness their knowledge of local regulatory and compliance requirements in helping customers. The result is tailored solutions for every customer’s needs. Learn more about our, Triplicity Partner Program Triplicity Partner Program by Phinity Risk Solutions v2.0

Triplicity Partner

Triplicity simplifies, automates and leverages business intelligence. Giving you a powerful vendor risk management solution that not only does the job properly, but saves you time and money in the process.