Assess the ongoing behaviour, performance and risk of all your third parties

Automate Your Third Party Risk Management with Triplicity.

Simple, Reliable and Adaptable Software.

What can it do for my business?

With Triplicity’s powerful cloud software, you can easily automate your third party risk management. Our Third Party Risk Manager helps ensure that your company’s risks are fully understood and well managed, applying a risk-based approach to your third-party vendors. For a complete overview, see the adjacent video.


Automate Third Party Risk Management Cloud Software

Loaded with powerful features.

Triplicity automates all your processes, dramatically reducing your risk and improving strategic relationships with your key third-party vendors. Features include:

  • a third party register
  • workflows for risk profiling your third parties
  • assessments of inherent risk, including template questions for ISO27001 as well as GDPR and POPIA questionnaires to determine your third parties’ maturity

Identify high-risk and non-compliant vendors through our intuitive dashboard.

Compare and rate your third parties by risk, category, business unit, or even the application of their agreed service. Improve reliability and reduce your risk by ensuring you continue to work only with parties that comply with industry best practice. Improve your performance by running several thousand third-party assessments simultaneously, and ensure all parties are assessed.

  • Improve the risk posture of your business.
  • Reduce effort.
  • Ensure accountability.
  • Meet regulatory requirements.
  • Achieve your personal KPIs.

Automate Third Party Risk Management Cloud Software

Automate Third Party Risk Management Cloud Software

You don’t need an army of auditors.

Triplicity gives you an internal view of all your third parties in one place. Along with aggregating your third party information, we also provide external feeds that ensure you have a complete view of all your potential risks. The solution is fully customisable to your specific business or industry needs. And best of all, our software’s simplicity allows a single user to manage the entire process.


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Triplicity simplifies, automates and leverages business intelligence. Giving you a powerful vendor risk management solution that not only does the job properly, but saves you time and money in the process.